Apocalypse - WW 1 (episodes 3, 4)


Directors: Isabelle CLARKE and Daniel COSTELLE

CANADA / FRANCE | 2014 - 104 minutes

Saturday 14th 12:00pm Smith's Auditorium (indoor)

This documentary is the most comprehensive and most expensive documentary film on World War I ever. The story brings us to the heart of battles, as well as to the everyday life of civilians behind the lines. The narration brings to life the memories and the experiences of these men and women, making the Great War come alive. Was the sacrifice of an entire generation worldwide an avoidable or a necessary tragedy? The film seeks to address such question drawing from over 300 hours of rediscovered footage, mostly colorized from the original black and white and also restored to high definition. The colorization conveys the essential truths of the conflict, particularly to younger audiences. Said the producer: “World War I was experienced in color. It wasn’t fought in black and white. Soldiers bled red.”


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