The DI


Director: Jack WEBB

United States | 1957 - 106 minutes

Sunday 6:00PM Junior High School (indoor)

Drill Instructor (d.i. for short) Sgt. Jim Moore, is known as one of the toughest in the military, and it's his job to turn boys into Marines. One of the recruits -- Pvt. Owens -- proves problematic, and his incessant complaining and repeated mistakes lead Moore's superior, Capt. Anderson, to issue an ultimatum. Moore has three days to make a Marine out of Owens, or the recruit will be discharged.

This film is a pounding, graphic tribute to the Marine training method, from sun-up to sundown, from the barracks into the field. The tempo and drive of these scenes, some of which may chill civilian blood, is further enhanced by excellent photography and a lashing, if rather conventional, musical score. There are few authentic bits by a whole slew of actual Marines.


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