How I Won the War


Director: Richard LESTER

Great Britain / 1967 - 110 minutes

Sunday 15th 4:00pm Smith's Gym (indoor)

Among the first of the late 60s anti-war films that reflected growing concern over the Vietnam War, How I Won the War takes a cold, dark look at World War II. Captured by German soldiers, British officer Ernest Goodbody (Michael Crawford) details his history as a commanding officer. While he describes himself as a noble and heroic officer, the truth is that he is a bumbling idiot whose own ineptitude and idiocy ends up costing the lives of most of his company. As his own men continue to drop like flies, their ghosts remain on the battlefield, marching along with their commanding officer even after death.

Since its release, the film has garnered a sizable cult following, due in large part to John Lennon’s turn as Cockney gunner Gripweed.


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