Pearl Harbor


Director: Michael BAY

United States | 2001 - 183 minutes

Saturday 6:00pm Junior High School (indoor)

Set during the time of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, the drama follows American boyhood friends Rafe McCawley (Ben Affleck) and Danny Walker (Josh Hartnett) as they enter World War II as pilots. Rafe is so eager to take part in the war that he departs to fight in Europe alongside England's Royal Air Force. On the home front, his girlfriend, Evelyn (Kate Beckinsale), finds comfort in the arms of Danny. The three of them reunite in Hawaii just before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Like many historical dramas, Pearl Harbor provoked debate about the artistic license taken by its producers and director; however, it became a major box office success world wide.

At the 2001 Academy Awards, Pearl Harbor was nominated for four awards, winning one for Best Sound Editing. Its other nominations were for Best Sound Mixing, Best Visual Effects. The song "There You'll Be" was nominated for the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.


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