When the Winds Blow


Director: Jimmy T. MURAKAMI

United Kingdom | 1986 - 88 minutes

Sunday 2:00pm Junior High School (indoor)

In this hand-drawn, much-admired animated tale, elderly married couple Hilda and Jim Bloggs has their quiet, simple lives in the English countryside interrupted when they learn of an impending nuclear attack. Not completely understanding the gravity of their situation, Hilda and Jim react archaically and insufficiently after the attack -- and the film takes a dark turn as the radiation begins taking its toll on the unsuspecting couple.

Adapted by Raymond Briggs from his graphic novel, “When the Wind Blows” is a powerful, unforgettable story about the consequence of nuclear war. It is more satirical than sentimental in evoking the traditional stiff-upper-lip stoicism of Britain’s salt of the earth. Teruaki "Jimmy" Murakami was a Japanese American animator and director with a long career working in numerous countries.

The album soundtrack for the film features a compilation of songs by David Bowie (title song), Hugh Cornwell, Genesis, Squeeze, and Paul Hardcastle. Roger Waters (co-founder and longtime member of Pink Floyd ) composed and performed the entire second half of the album.


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